Leader on the Regional antibiotics market, ABIPHARM LLC  is the only manufacturer of antibiotics in Caucasus region. Company structured its manufacturing to produce several  pharmaceutical dosage forms: powders for injections on penicillin and cephalosporin basis, Oral suspensions and capsules.

The official recognition of the pharmaceutical products included in our portfolio (by obtaining the first *Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate* issued by the National Authorities of Ukraine in 2016) imposed continuing preoccupation for the GMP authorization of the entire production of human use drugs.

The continuous efforts for promoting our activity and products on the international pharmaceutical market leaded to the constant enhancement of our exports. Today, AbiPharm develops cooperation relations in more than 7 countries, being recognized for its products and occupying one of the first places in the antibiotics market in exporting countries.

The company is permanently preoccupied to identify new business opportunities in international markets  at the same time, to maintain and develop the traditional CIS markets.

AbiPharm, LLC operates with three different strategies: Contract Manufacturing, Brand retail Sales and Hospital sales both for local and export markets.

Production is equipped with modern technology for full scale production of vial injection antibiotics, Capsules and Oral suspensions. The production volume is 100 million vials, 60 million capsules and 15 million suspensions a year

AbiPharm, LLC is equipped with modern technology provided by leading European provides such as: IMA, BWT, Stilmas, Uhlmann, MG2, Agilent, Sartouis, Klima

Quality is our vision

Our Quality Management System meets the latest EU-GMP regulations, being continuously improved over the years, in accordance with the industrial standards.

We are responsible for performing a variety of complex tasks under general guidance and in accordance with current  GMP  quality system which includes TQM, Suppliers audit, QC of starting materials, in process control and approval of finished product by qualified person (QP).  

Our quality control department has modern equipped laboratories for conducting microbiological and chemical quality control for incoming materials and finished products.

State-of-the-art equipped laboratories conform to GMP, GLP, ISO and other international  requirements allowing performance of routine QC and microbiological tests. Since 2016 QC Laboratory has been accredited with ISO/IEK ISO 17025 on compliance of the Unified National Body of Accreditation. 

In 2016 AbiPharm LLC was certified  by GMP PIC/S certificate